Hand-illustrated Kindness Cards | Thimblepress
Hand-illustrated Foil-stamped Kindness Cards | Thimblepress
Hand-illustrated Kindness Cards | Thimblepress
$22.00 USD

Kindness Cards

You can always give something, even if it is only kindness.
-Anne Frank
This foil stamped box is your opportunity. Discover a unique collection of 50 business sized cards with hand drawn illustrations. These illustrations are of phrases that will make you happy, laugh, giggle, sigh and swoon! Keep these in your pocket, purse or car and share them with friends, family, strangers or someone who may just need a kind word or a friend.
50 illustrated 2" x 3.5" cards  
"To" and "From" fields on the reverse side
Gold foil stamped box
Kristen Ley | Thimblepress | Mississippi Women entrepreneur
Kristen Ley is the founder of Thimblepress, a lifestyle brand that creates fun, colorful products. Hailing from a graphic design background, Kristen is deeply involved in the creation process at her studio and is the beautiful mind behind push-pop confetti. She is the proud mom of two golden doodles.