All in a week's work creative weekly planner | Thimblepress
$20.00 USD

All in a week's work calendar notepad

Work, Work, Work.


The All In A Week’s Work Weekly Calendar Notepad features an original Thimblepress illustration using watercolor paints. The calendar week on this notepad runs Monday – Sunday with an “idea spark”, “add to next week”, and “sending good thoughts” writing areas.

It's size is perfect to store for reference in a standard binder and it's aesthetic will ensure you will want to.


Contains 50 sheets
Binded by glue on top and backed by chipboard.

Size:  8.5″ x 11″  

Kristen Ley | Thimblepress | Mississipi woman-entrepreneur
Kristen Ley is the founder of Thimblepress, a lifestyle brand that creates fun, colorful products. Hailing from a graphic design background, Kristen is deeply involved in the creation process at her studio and is the beautiful mind behind push-pop confetti. She is the proud mom of two golden doodles.