Jen Glantz

Bridesmaid for Hire | Founder
New York City

Florida-born and NYC-based Jen Glantz will make you laugh. Hard.
Her writing is brilliant and honest and it will leave you wishing she was your very best-friend.  It's no wonder she is so often called upon to be a bridesmaid.  She's the girl you want holding your wedding dress while you pee and holding your hand when your emotions get the best of you... and she's available for hire.
Read my interview with this professional bridesmaid... and then read her new book on her adventures in entrepreneurship, engagement parties and beyond.
What are your hyphens?
I'm a pizza & library book addict - hot yoga newbie and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire .
What's Bridesmaid For Hire all about? 
Bridesmaid for Hire provides professional bridesmaid services to brides in need - whether in person, virtually, or down the aisle.
What inspired you to launch the business?
I was a bridesmaid for my friends more times than I could count on my hands and I wondered if this was a business I could start for strangers.
What drives you?
Proving people wrong.
What do you wish they had taught you in school that you learnt the hard way?
If you had 1 million dollars to begin your business what would you have done differently?
I wouldn't have tried to do everything my self.
What do women supporting women look like to you?
People giving advice and mentorship with no strings attached - meaning for free...completely free.
Which is your best piece of advice to women entrepreneurs?
Laugh at people when they tell you you're not good enough.
Which woman has served as a role model and/ or a source of strength in your professional life?
My mom. She taught me the power of determination and believing in myself.
What are you most proud of to date?
Why do I need to read your book right now? 
Because it's not the story of my wedding horror moments. It's the story of how a simple girl created something extraordinary by not listening to anyone else and by never giving up.
What can we expect from you in the near future?
I just launched a training program for people to create their own professional bridesmaid businesses .
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