Rose Gwet

 Luxcey | Founder

 From Cameroon to Paris and all the way to Montreal, Rose Gwet has spent a lifetime collecting beauty rituals and tips on how to live her best life.

Today, as founder and creative director of Luxcey, she is embracing the opportunity to share these tried-and-true rituals with women and offer them both health and beauty in a bottle.


Her Story

The Luxcey brand and story were born from my own skin problems. When I first came to Canada 6 years ago, I was a poor student because I’d invested all my money in university. To celebrate my friends' birthdays, I would buy natural ingredients and make them their own creams. If a friend loved peaches, then I would make her a body balm with natural peach perfume. These personalized gifts were very popular and friends would always ask me for more. Of course, I would say ‘oh, it’s complicated to make,’ and they would offer to pay me. Everybody wanted custom products which is how I began to make them approximately 4 years ago.  
Around the same time, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I was exhausted with my workaholic lifestyle. I decided to quit my job to take care of myself, but mostly of him because he was not getting better, even a few years after his diagnosis. I suspected it had to do with our lifestyles. We both quit our jobs, went totally broke and started sleeping in the car. Then, we started Luxcey. It went from zero, to where we are now.

Her Brand

I founded Luxcey to inspire slow living, a communion with nature, and stepping into positive rituals. Drawing on my roots and time spent living in a Cameroonian village, I find inspiration in life’s simple moments and believe in dedicating time to one’s well-being.

Her Reason

I started this company for myself; I had acne on my face, eczema and very dry skin on my body. I used to suffer from allergies to so many products. I even reacted to natural products, especially those formulated with high amounts of essential oils. 

One thing I see more and more in the natural beauty care industry is that these companies are following the same system as mainstream beauty companies. They have all these different creams. They have all these different products for different parts of the body and face. 

I wanted to create a very minimalist line; one that allows people to have only a few products on their shelves, which they can use in different ways. At the moment, Luxcey is focused on the body and hair, but soon, it will also carry a minimal face-care line.  

Her Inspiration

 I was born in France. And at the age of seven, my parents decided to take us to Cameroon; not into the big cities, but really into the village. We stayed there for 5 years, and the experience really marked me. I’m deeply rooted, I know where I’m from, where I am and where I’m going. The people from the village might not have free healthcare, or other privileges such as these, but they are focused, calm and at peace. They mostly have rituals. I carry this philosophy with me everywhere. Luxcey is a way for me to share this lifestyle; one that is peaceful, centered and focused.

Her advice

I’m on my 17th entrepreneurial venture. Luxcey is the first successful one. Of course I have had to overcome many challenges. I’m always afraid not to grow every month and go further. Maybe, the best thing I inherited from my father is his persistence- a trait every woman entrepreneur needs to adopt.

Her Contribution

I want to tell my children that their mama did everything she wanted to do. This is not only about feminism, it’s about humanism. I want them to not be afraid of their skin color, their age, their sexual orientation, their passions, etc. I want them to be themselves, unconditionally. I also want them to put love and respect before anything. If we all love and respect each other and Mother Nature, our world -their world - will be a better place to live.


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  • Madame Gwet,
    J’ai malheureusement égaré votre adresse mail utilisée lors de nos échanges concernant votre proposition à notre Comité d’Entreprise.
    J’ai ce jour eu l’agréable surprise de recevoir 2 de vos produits et tiens sincèrement à vous en remercier; Je suis convaincue de la qualité de ceux ci et si nous avions pu instaurer un partenariat cela aurait été très agréable. M.Lenormand n’a pu vous répondre et comme j’avais dû vous le préciser lors de notre dernière communication, il n’est pas envisageable pour nous dans le cadre du CE de faire profiter de vos offres ou d’envisager un cadeau de fin d’année. Toutefois de mon côté je ne manquerai pas de faire votre publicité.
    Encore merci et bonne continuation dans votre belle activité. Nathalie CHRETIEN

  • Such an inspirational story. I have started using the Emma cream and hope this will clear the eczema on my hands. All the best to you and Rose, wishing you continued success and above all health.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Nicole V. on

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