Monica Ferguson and Becca Brown

Solemates | Co-Founders
New York City


These two femme fatales of finance (and both Goldman Sachs alums) left their high-powered jobs and the security that comes with it to take a chance on an idea they truly believed in:
To save the world one stiletto at a time.
Find out why Shark Tanks' Robert Herjavec thought it was an idea worth his investment.


Her Story      

We’re former financiers who wanted to take a shot at starting our own business.

We started Solemates because we were tired of ruining our high heels on grass (at weddings and other outdoor events), and living and working in NYC (cobblestones, grates, cracked sidewalks).  Our company is headquartered in NYC.


Her Brand

 Solemates is a brand of women’s shoe solutions and accessories.  Our flagship product is the High Heeler, a heel cap that prevents the heel from sinking into grass and getting stuck in cracks.  It works by increasing the surface area on the base of the heel which dissipates the pressure and prevents the heel from sinking or getting stuck.

 Her Reason

Solemates was totally born out of personal necessity.  It started for me (Becca) at my high school prom.  I was all dressed up, wearing high heels for the first time, standing with my friends trying to take pictures in front of the limos on my parents’ lawn, and we were all sinking into the grass.  I felt clumsy and awkward, and totally ruined my shoes.  That was the first time I experienced that awful frustration of sinking into the grass, and it continued throughout the next several years, as I attended graduations, weddings, and other outdoor events.

Her Advice

 There is nothing like starting your own business.  It can be the hardest you’ve ever worked, but also the most rewarding.  But it is definitely difficult, and you have to be willing to persevere, and push through obstacles.  My advice to other aspiring female entrepreneurs would be to do your homework, put together a plan, and seek out advice from people you trust and admire (and those that have build businesses before - use an NDA too).  Frequently as an entrepreneur, you literally don’t know what you don’t know.  You have to be willing to be extremely resourceful, and always be looking to learn more.  This will increase your chances of success.

Her Contribution

Hopefully our story resonates with other women, and maybe inspires some, especially those who have thought about starting a business. On a practical level, we are protecting women’s shoes, preserving their egos, and saving their days.

Her Inspiration

I think seeing what other companies and individuals are accomplishing on a daily basis is inspirational.  Learning about other entrepreneurs’ stories is also very powerful.   We are so fortunate to be living in an era with so much connectivity, thanks to technology, and there is so much content available to us, literally, at our fingertips.  As an entrepreneur, you can easily become a little too silo-ed in your own world (especially as you’re launching), and having the internet, and social media, are huge resources for ideas and inspiration.


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