Sheena Brady

Tease Tea | Founder and President


What happens when you take a woman, fully immersed in the world of wine and hospitality from New York City and introduce her to tea? She builds a winning brand popular from Toronto to NYC's Gansevoort Market and all the way to your kitchen table. Sheena shares her insight on work-life balance and how to be a girlboss.   Grab a cup and read on. 

 Her Story

A fearless, quick to act tea lover who is passionate about entrepreneurship, people, and experiences. 

Her Brand

Tease Tea is an all-natural and enjoyable solution to everyday goals and desires. We create a non-intimidating, cheeky and feminine approach to tea. Tell us what's on your mind, we'd like to think we have a tea for that. Proceeds from every order support organizations dedicated to the empowerment of women.

Her Reason

As a former hospitality and wine professional, I had decided to take my knowledge of terroir, trained palate and dive head first into the world of tea. After all, both tea and wine are heavily influenced by the changes in weather, the ground they’re grown in and the hours of sunshine they receive. Similar to wine, I've always been fascinated by the way everything comes together to create different types of teas all from just one plant. I became a certified Tea Sommelier with the Tea Association of Canada and slowly began building Tease Tea one sip at a time.

Her Inspiration

I am on a mission for constant self-growth and self-improvement. My personal journey in the bigger picture, is that by growing and developing endlessly, I will be able to help better support the people I serve or interact with in my life.

Her advice

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. Too often we bog ourselves down with the granular details and problems that might not even exist or matter yet. Get messy, dive in, tailor and tweak later if necessary. 
The myth of work/life balance doesn't exist. There is only life. Find a way to combine work/personal time and create a world that works for you. Maybe it's combining those two separate to-do lists into one, manageable list. Perhaps it's seeking a career that is extra supportive of your personal goals, and what you do outside of work. It may mean having tough conversations with those close to you and saying "When we are together, you have my full attention, though when there are work-related things that arise, that may require my full attention too, regardless of when that might happen."
For me, it means living a life knowing that sometimes in the middle of work, I may have to deal with some personal things and at night I may have to wrap up some loose ends from work, and that's completely okay. With that, I create a life around me that is supportive of this. 

Her Contribution

It's a core part of our company's DNA to empower women. We do this through supporting a different "chari'tea" monthly, or taking the time to personally mentor, coach and guide other women along their journey.

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