Mary Futher

Kaia Naturals | Managing Director


As a former executive in the cosmetics industry, Mary Futher believed there were better, safer and healthier ways to create beauty products.
Inspired by her love for animals, she built a brand on her beliefs with a premium line of non-toxic and cruelty-free all-natural products for the girlboss-on-the-go. 

Her Story

I worked in marketing and product development at large cosmetic companies such as Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, and Yves Saint Laurent for over two decades. I noticed that a lot of mass commercial brands’ products contained harmful chemicals, so I was motivated to start my own company as I knew there were better methods that can be used to create effective natural products. 

Her Brand

We are a Toronto-based indie-eco beauty company that creates non-toxic and cruelty-free products to benefit the body and to encourage time-strapped people to make positive changes in their lives. People are busy, so they shouldn’t have to second guess the ingredients in the products they use. We alleviate that concern. 

Her Reason

I have always wanted to create natural products that reinvigorated active people with little time in their daily schedule. I wanted something that did more than remove my makeup after a long day at work. I needed a product that really cleaned my face, but didn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals like those in most other brands because they really stung my eyes. As a result, I came up with our first product, the juicy bamboo cleansing oil cloths, which are soaked in many nourishing oils and are meant to cleanse even the most sensitive skin & eyes.

Her Inspiration

Animals have always been really important to me. I have two cats that I adopted from an animal shelter and cannot imagine the suffering and neglect that many animals experience. kaia naturals’ products are 100% cruelty-free and animal testing is not conducted during the whole manufacturing process either. It’s important to emphasize that there are effective alternatives to creating great products without harming animals in the process.  

Her Advice

Always be meticulous and know your product inside out. It’s great to have an idea, but always test it out and do a lot of research to make sure it’s actually effective and works. Never make claims that you cannot back up.

Her Contribution

I want to prove to young women that you can take a risk if you are truly passionate about something. I left a rewarding career in marketing and product development to create Kaia naturals. It’s an unusual decision that most people would not make, but I think everything will work out if you prepare for the obstacles and really believe in your idea.

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