Erin Josephy

Kismet Essentials | Co-Founder and Managing Partner


For Erin Josephy, the entrepreneurship gene runs deep. She watched and assisted her parents, both entrepreneurs themselves and then went on to lead her own ventures. Kismet Essentials is a product of her love and creativity. Each product is designed with the most minimal and safe ingredients with the enjoyment of her clients in mind. Erin shares her experience.

Her Story

Entrepreneurship has always been my calling. Since watching and helping my parents with their own ventures, I have gone on to own a franchise residential and commercial painting company. I appreciated being able to make the big decisions, but up until now I didn't feel I was using my creativity to its capacity or building my own name.  In July, I founded Kismet Essentials with my boyfriend, Paul as a way to be able to address those two points.

Her Brand

I used to go to stores and get excited about products but all too often, I found the price was not justified.  With Kismet,  my goal is to create products that I love and that others will enjoy too at a reasonable price point.  I also want to offer a very specialized line of bath salts and other essentials with minimal ingredients - none of which are harmful in any way.

Her Advice

Never doubt yourself. Give yourself all the credit you deserve.  

Her Contribution

So many women out there are doing amazing things and acting as an example to other women who dream of doing the same.  I believe by sharing our experiences, someone is bound to be inspired and motivated to do the same. 

Her Relationship

My boyfriend, Paul and I have always worked together. Kismet is our second collaboration.  Overall, the working relationship has been harmonious.  We respect each other's strengths. He is more numbers oriented and I am more people-oriented and this works well as a complement. 

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